Baby Girl A : Los Angeles Newborn Photography


One of the best parts of my job, since becoming a mom myself especially, is that I get to work with newborn babes and their families. Before becoming a mom myself, I had never really spent much time around newborns or very young infants. Of course I had babysat little kids from time to time growing up, but there's a pretty big world of difference between a 2 year old and a 2 DAY old! And if there's one thing that stands out to me about my experience with my own firstborn, and therefore my first experience with newborns, it's that I had no freaking clue what I was doing. 

I remember feeling sort of shocked and terrified when we were given the all-clear to go home from the hospital with my son after he was born. I thought "Wait! Are you sure? What do I do with this thing? Are you sure you should be letting me leave with him?". Of course I loved him, but the seriousness of now being responsible for an actual human life was daunting (to say the least). So I did what most parents do - I started reading everything I could get my hands on (and googling in the middle of the night), because this was clearly a whole other ball game than what I had experienced before. Before long, when I returned to work, I began to see a pretty serious uptick in requests for newborn and baby photography. Which, for me, triggered an immediate gotta-get-me-some-education response. So I did. 

I took classes and workshops and read books and articles and spent so. much. time. learning about the biology of babies and safety and techniques when it came to photographing them. I learned so much (mostly about how to get babies to sleep and stay that way - helloooooooo helpful when you have a baby at home!). I started working with more and more brand new babies and fell in love with it. 

Now, with my first born approaching his *gulp* 9th birthday in a few months and my younger child past the 5.5 years mark, I find myself missing those newborn snuggles, the little squeaky sounds they make (that disappear so soon!), the wrinkle-y stretches, the milk-coma smiles, etc. Buuuuuuuut not enough to have another baby (not even close, sorry mom). Newborn sessions have been the perfect chance for me to get those snuggles in without having to have another baby myself! Win-win (I can hear my husband shouting "AMEN!" from here....)! 

Check out some snuggles from one of my recent newborn shoots (there will be more babies coming soon too -- so many clients had babies in the past few weeks!!!). I adore everything about this family and I especially loved this little lady's nursery!!! In fact, I ordered the print on the wall for my own daughter's room! Check it out! 


Yara + Ethan : Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding Photography


He's a composer - an extremely talented one - and Jewish-American. She's pretty much the goddess of all things coffee and from the Netherlands. So naturally, they met in The Hague and fell in love, right? 

Ok, so that's a ridiculous oversimplification of this bomb-diggity couple, but you get my drift, right? They're incredible, unique, and fascinating people. Laughter dominates every conversation with them, laced with brilliance and hint of the adventurous. Hand-in-hand, these two have globe-trotted their way down the aisle together, all with smiles on their faces and an excitement about what comes next. Celebrating this day with them, the merging of two lives, two families, and essentially 3 cultures, was utterly beautiful! Their wedding happened to fall on my birthday and I can't think of a party I'd rather be at! Scroll down to see more of their gorgeous day at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon! 

Jenn + Wes : Santa Clarita Maternity Photography


Photographing these two was beyond a pleasure for me. You see, I've known them both for several years, was a bridesmaid in their wedding, photographed Wes proposing to Jenn, and Jenn was even a part of my intern program (she's now a photographer in the Bay Area!). Watching them as a couple, and having both of them for good friends has been a true joy. But watching them struggle through miscarriage from afar was absolutely heart breaking. These two are some of the most beautiful souls I know (who will make amazing parents) and to see them face such tragedy and heart ache is gut wrenching. I practically came out of my skin in joy when I found out that Jenn was pregnant with this baby girl! I knew how much this meant to them and that love and happiness practically glows around them both! So when they were down south for baby showers, I was thrilled to get to capture a little of that momma-glow beauty! Scroll down for more! 

Wade : Los Angeles Cake Smash Photography


I'm throwing it back a few months to this adorable guy's one year cake smash shoot! I loved everything about this session (Wade's parents have serious style!) and it's extra special to me because I photographed his parent's wedding too! Getting to be a part of a client's life and document their major milestones is always such an treat for me. Check out more of Wade's session (at Vasquez Rocks) below! 


Kinsley : Malibu Senior Portrait Session


I'm already starting to see the updates as many of the amazing people I photographed this past year for their high school senior portraits start their first year at college! This stunning woman is no different - she's starting out in Tennessee after graduating this past June from Hart High School. 

Kinsley toughed it out through this session and I'm SO glad that she did. With 25 mph winds blowing sand everywhere (see it in the photo above?!) plus recovering from being sick, the odds might have seemed stacked against us. But I think you'll see that she absolutely knocked it out of the park! This session ended up being one of my most favorite senior portrait sessions to date (even if I did have to take my cameras in to be cleaned afterwards!). 

Scroll down to see more! 


Rochelle : Los Angeles Underwater Maternity Session


I had the privilege of photographing Rochelle in Santa Clarita a few weeks ago for her underwater maternity session and she was just as exquisite as can be. Rochelle came into this session with several goals in mind and it was truly amazing to watch her surrender to the process and the peace of the water!


As you can see from the pictures below, Rochelle was the perfect expectant momma. Any photographer would be lucky to photograph her. And that baby bump couldn't get any cuter!

The proof is in the pictures (be sure to scroll all the way down to the last one!)!


Can't wait to meet your newest baby girl in just a few weeks!

Sandra + Chris -- Vasquez Rocks Engagement Photography

In exactly one month, these two will be tying the knot in a gorgeous wedding ceremony under a 1,000 year old oak tree (kid. you. not.) and I can hardly wait! Both incredibly talented actors (on the stage and on the screen), plus voices to DIE for, it's no shocker that these two were up for some DRAMA in their images. Scroll through for more romantic gorgeousness! 

Do you see why I'm so excited!?!? I have a handful of 2017 dates left for weddings and I'm already taking bookings for 2018 too! So much pretty headed to the blog soon. The 2017 wedding season has officially begun!